Loopmasters has posted an overview of some of the best Sylenth1 Presets, including packs for Hip Hop and Trap, Techno, EDM and more, including free ones.

Loopmasters Best Sylenth1 Presets

If there’s one software synthesizer that’s got the most enduring reputation, it’s probably LennarDigital’s superb Sylenth1. After years in the game, this dual-layered two-by-two-oscillator plugin has left a catalogue of hits and crowds of adoring fans in its wake.

Years later, there are better, friendlier, and more creative synths out there – many of which show the direct influences of Sylenth1’s success – but that doesn’t mean Sylenth is a relic; it’s still a great choice for beginning synthesists and those who want something new to play with. There’s one problem though: with a synth that’s so famous, the factory Sylenth1 soundbank has been used and abused by producers and sound designers all over the world. How can you find an innocent, blank slate that can offer a source of new sounds?

Luckily, Loopmasters and our partner labels are on hand to provide you with the sonic inspiration and original presets that’ll boost your Sylenth experience beyond the factory bank – whether you’re working in trap, EDM, hip hop, techno or any other genre. Here we’ve catalogued the best quality and best value preset packs that we have to offer.

Check out the full article for links to the individual synth presets collection, including the free download.

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