LinPlug has announced it has stopped its development of plugin instruments.

We stopped development of our plugin instruments. This is mainly my personal decision. As much as I still love audio, I love video and photography.

When I started LinPlug there was almost nothing on the market and we created many instruments to support musicians. We (thats mainly Pavol and me) have followed our mission to bring quality, innovation and service to the computer musician for long. But at some point I found that there is already everything available thats needed. I found the market to move into the newer, bigger, crazier direction to gain attention and sales. To make it short, I feel my mission for the computer musician is fulfilled and there are other missions waiting for me. I appologize for any inconvenience that this might cause to you.

The LinPlug instruments for Windows and Mac (VST/AU) are now available for $49 USD each. Sound libraries for Spectral are $9.99 USD. The store will remain open for at least some months.

Existing users can keep using their LinPlug instruments as before, but they will most likely not be updated anymore.