Ghosthack has launched a sale on the Drum Hero sample pack featuring over 700 drum samples and loops.

We created over 200 High Quality Snares and 100 Bassdrums completly from scratch. Furthermore, we included 45 heavily layered Foley Snares and 10 Foley Kicks. Each Snare and Kick carefully crafted and layered by hand using a huge array of analogue drum machines, digital synthesizers, foley recordings and acoustic sound sources.

We also created 15 Full Drum Loops seperated in their stems (Seperate Sound Tracks for Bassdrum, Snare, Hihats, Foley…) and ranging between 90 and 172BPM.

The focus of this Soundbank lies on Premium Snare and Bassdrum One-Shots, but we also implemented some decent Hihat and Percussion Samples to give you everything you need for creating your perfect drums. The sound kit also features 10 glitchy Percussion Loops, of course BPM-labeled.

All drum files come as a 24 Bit High Quality WAV file, so you can import them easily in every DAW and every Sampler without any problems.

Don’t miss the importance of good drums in electronic music: EDM producers are on a continual quest to create powerful, impactful sounding drums. Many producers — from Pendulum to Noisia to Skrillex and many more — have developed their own signature sounds largely based on the way their drums are mixed. A track’s groove is formed first and foremost with drums, so they’re one of the most essential elements of a music track. Drum Hero will help you finding your own unique style for your Drum Track.

Drum Hero features

  • 204 Premium Snares – Dry and wet version.
  • 100 Premium Kicks & Bassdrums.
  • 45 Heavily Layered Foley Snares – Dry and wet version.
  • 20 Hard Hitting 808 Basses.
  • 10 Heavily Layered Foley Kicks & Bassdrums.
  • 15 Full Drum Loops seperated in 51 Stems (BPM-labeled).
  • 10 Decent Hi-Hats.
  • 10 Decent Percussions.
  • 10 Glitchy Percussion Loops.
  • 724 Total Samples.

The sample pack is available for just 6 EUR until August 24th, 2017 (regular 29.99 EUR).

More information: Ghosthack