Synchro Arts has announced the release of its brand new VocAlign Ultra advanced timing and pitch alignment software, bringing various new features and full ARA2 support.

In modern music production, getting the very best from your vocals is essential and because your time is precious, Synchro Arts created VocAlign Ultra to give you the highest quality results with the least amount of work.

Featuring technology from its flagship Revoice Pro software and building on a legacy which stretches back over two decades, VocAlign Ultra takes plugin based vocal matching to a whole new level with unparalleled control and total flexibility.

Powered by the latest algorithms from Revoice Pro, VocAlign Ultra consistently provides better results when aligning longer and more complex sections of audio. Then for creative freedom, VocAlign Ultra features a new tightness control so you decide how much alignment you want to apply to your signals.

Synchro Arts Vocalign Ultra pitch view

VocAlign Ultra’s new pitch match section.

Also VocAlign Ultra doesn’t just fix the timing of your performances with unprecedented ease and speed, it can align pitch too. And that’s just for starters, there’s many other enhancements which make VocAlign Ultra a must-have tool for music producers, engineers and audio post professionals working with vocals and dialogue.

“We’ve have been listening to customers telling us what they wanted for several years” says Synchro Arts MD and founder Jeff Bloom, “VocAlign Ultra is our first attempt to start from the ground up, and brings together the best alignment technology we have in a completely new interface that we hope gives users the easiest and fastest learning experience and workflow possible.”

VocAlign Ultra features

  • Instantly match timing and pitch of two or more signals.
  • Great for vocals, instruments and sound effects.
  • Includes Revoice Pro Alignment Algorithm.
  • New: Tightness Control.
  • New: Match Pitch section.
  • New: 60+ alignment presets.
  • New: Enhanced waveform and pitch displays.
  • New: Fully resizable GUI window.
  • New: Formant shifting.
  • New: Advanced and basic editing panels.
  • Sync Points and protected areas.
  • New: Two activations included with each license.
  • New: All iLok copy protection options supported (no iLok USB dongle needed).
  • Full ARA2 (Audio Random Access) support for enhanced workflow with compatible DAWs.

VocAlign Ultra is available at Plugin Boutique at a 30% introductory discount until February 28th, priced $279 USD / 220 EUR / £199 GBP (excluding tax).

Any VocAlign Pro users who redeemed their license after July 21st, 2020 will be entitled to a free upgrade via the Synchro Arts website.

Upgrades and crossgrades from Revoice Pro 4, VocAlign Pro 4 and VocAlign Project are also available at a discount during the intro promotion.