This month you can save up to 50% off on the iZotope RX 5 audio restoration suite for Windows and Mac.

Enhance your audio and video editing software with the unique tools and groundbreaking new improvements of RX 5 Audio Editor noise reduction software. Repair, enhance, and restore problematic production audio — from plosives to microphone bumps to inconsistent levels — and dramatically improve sound quality and clarity.

The sale includes both RX 5 and RX 5 Advanced, as well as upgrades.

The RX Plug-in Pack features 4 essential tools from the RX software: De-click, Dialogue De-noise, De-hum, and De-clip.

RX Plug-in Pack can help you rescue your audio, transforming flawed recordings into usable tracks and letting you avoid the need to re-record. Remove background noise and unwanted sounds that can mar instrument and dialogue tracks, and save great performances.

Lastly, you can save up to 33% off on the RX Post Production Suite, a comprehensive solution featuring tools for audio repair, editing, and mixing enhancement through final delivery.

Get award-winning and industry-standard audio editing and repair features with RX 5 Advanced Audio Editor, transparent limiting and sonic balancing mixing capabilities with RX Final Mix, broadcast loudness compliant mixes globally with RX Loudness Control, and iZotope’s essential metering product, Insight. With unified workflows across the products, you can work seamlessly without interruption.

This suite also includes a 1-year, all-access pass to Groove3’s online video tutorials, and you can download 50 sounds of your choice from the Pro Sound Effects Library, to use royalty free in any production you work on.

These deals are available from Plugin Boutique until September 29th, 2016.

More information: Plugin Boutique / iZotope