Waves Audio has launched a sale on two precision drum mixing tools.

Torque is a precision drum re-tuner/tone shifter, quicker and more natural-sounding than drum replacement.

The key to a great-sounding mix is rooted in the tonal balance of the drums. Yet, as mixers, we don’t always get hit with drums that were perfectly tuned or recorded.

Torque is a precision drum tone shifter that will help you salvage mistuned drums, pitch them to a specific key and enhance their tone – without retriggering or replacing, without the artifacts introduced by traditional pitch shifters, and without losing body, timbre, resonance or attack.

Smack Attack is a transient shaper with pinpoint control of transient attack, sustain, shape and duration.

The first attack, initial hit or onset of a sound is known as its ‘transient.’ By controlling the exact level, shape and duration of these sounds, you can give your tracks the perfect tightness and dynamics they need, in ways that a compressor can’t always do.

With Smack Attack, you can unleash or tame kicks, snares, claps, drum samples, or any other drum or percussion instrument – but also guitar and bass plucks, quick piano arpeggios, synth stabs, or even your entire mix.

Through July 8th you can buy Torque for $49.99 USD and Smack Attack will be registered to your account for free.

More information: Waves Audio