GForce Software has announced the release of 64-bit versions of its Minimonsta and Oddity virtual synthesizer instruments for Windows and Mac.

We’re pleased to announce that 32/64-bit versions of Minimonsta and Oddity are finally released and now sit proudly alongside the previously launched 32/64-bit impOSCar2, VSM and M-Tron Pro.

Registered users of these instruments will find the new versions already allocated to their user accounts, while any new purchasers will have the 32/64-bit versions automatically allocated to their account following purchase.

Demo versions of Minimonsta, Oddity & impOSCar2 have also been updated accordingly and can be downloaded via their respective instrument sections.

Thank you for your patience during the lengthy 64-bit development process and last, but certainly not least, to those who helped us during this epic development task!

More information: GForce Software