GForce impOSCar Blow-Out

GForce Software has announced a Blow-Out Sale on impOSCar, a virtual synthesizer instrument modeled on the OSCar.


Because between the 7th and 21st of November the impOSCar will be available to purchase at the unbelievable price of €39 Euros!!


Probably, but while we’re swatting the last of the impOSCar2 bugs and getting a multitude of things organized behind the scenes, we thought we’d send the original impOSCar off with a BANG!.

Actually, the truth is we’ve had so many people who have been holding off on purchasing impOSCar because they’ve been patiently waiting for impOSCar2, we’re doing a once in a lifetime deal to (a) make them happy, and (b) as a way of saying “sorry for our lateness”.

If you decide to upgrade to impOSCar2 once released, we’ll give you €29 Euros off the full web price.

This means that your original impOSCar will have cost you just €10 Euros! In the interim everything you learn on impOSCar is going to be of use with impOSCar2.

More information: GForce Software