GForce Software impOSCar 2

GForce Software has published some information on the impOSCar 2, the successor to the impOSCar virtual instrument for Windows and Mac.

After previewing impOSCar 2 at NAMM 2009 we’ve subsequently been inundated with questions and thought we’d put together this page with a view to helping answer some of these while we put our heads down once more and get on with the job of completing the instrument.

We’ll add to this page when we can but in the meanwhile, here are some videos, FAQs and an impOSCar 2 new feature list to whet your appetite and answer some of your questions.

New in impOSCar

  • PWM on both oscillators.
  • Aux Mod Section with comprehensive routing (destinations include: OSc2 pitch, PW1, PW2, PW1&2, Filter Separation, Filter Q, Osc Mix, Noise Mix).
  • Additional LFO.
  • Improved LFO sync options.
  • New Modulation & Controller Routing options.
  • Pink noise.
  • Vastly Improved Arpeggiator.
  • Chord Hold & Retrigger from a single key.
  • Controller Section Featuring Channel & Poly Aftertouch.
  • Mod Wheel Controls now switchable between Aftertouch, Expression and Mod Wheel.
  • Pan Spread Modes (left to right, Random etc) and Spread Amount Control.
  • Mono & Poly Unison Modes (up to 8 voice poly unison).
  • Unison Voice Spread
  • Portamento Spread on Unison glides.
  • New Chorus Modes.
  • Ring Modulation.
  • External Audio Input with the new FX version.
  • Release Velocity Response.
  • Small, Medium & Large GUI sizes.

Check the NAMM preview page for more information and some video demos.