GForce Software has announced a sale on the M-Tron Pro emulation of the classic Mellotron tape playback keyboard instrument.

Back in 2001, when virtual synthesizer technology was in it’s infancy, GForce Software paid homage to the venerable Mellotron® releasing the world’s first plug-in version, M-Tron.

At this time the Mellotron had fallen out of favour with musicians seemingly destined to reside in the ‘where are they now’ instrument file forever. But after a couple of years, M-Tron breathed new life into the Mellotron sound offering older aficionados the opportunity to revisit the music of their youth while inspiring many young musicians to ask, “What’s that sound?” 

In 2007 M-Tron became M-Tron Pro. M-Tron Pro supplemented M-Tron’s sound library by adding 40 new Tape Banks along with the ability to mix sounds then manipulate them using a carefully selected set of synth-type parameters finishing off with a vintage effects section. Never had reversing a tape been so easy! 

Since 2007 we’ve continued to expand the range of M-Tron Pro Expansion Packs adding OptiTron, ChamberTron and OrchesTron while teaming up with the original UK Mellotron manufacturer, Streetly Electronics, to offer sounds from their mammoth library of original master tapes.

In April 2019 we updated M-Tron Pro to Version 3 – this being a free download to existing, registered users of M-Tron Pro – while adding new interfaces and the ‘Brake’ feature. As the result of our foray into virtual instruments back in 2001, the once obsolete Mellotron has become a must-have instrument for music makers across all genre’s in 2019.

GForce is offering M-Tron Pro with a 50% discount during the month of July, 2019. It is on sale for just £49.99 GBP (plus VAT, where applicable).

Registered users of M-Tron Pro can now download a free Expansion Pack of previously unreleased Chamberlin sounds. ChamberTron Xtras contains four sublime Tape Banks; Hawaiian Guitar, 4 Saxes, Marimba & Pizzicato Violins along with a batch of newly crafted patches.

The expansion can be downloaded via user accounts on the Gforce website.

More information: GForce Software