GG Audio has released an updated version of Blue3, a virtual tonewheel organ instrument for Windows and Mac.

Version 2.2 offers the option to disable the decay of the percussion and to have percussion on all registrations, two of the most requested features.

Paradise Percussion: This disables the decay of the Percussion completely. This modification is based on Jimmy Smith’s album “Groovin’ at Small’s Paradise” in which he played on a broken B3. This is similar to pulling the 4′ or 2 2/3′ drawbar out, but is different because the volume is louder and also because Percussion is not routed through the Vibrato circuitry. You can find the Paradise button on the Edit page, in the Percussion Settings section.

Percussion On All Registrations: A true B3 only plays Percussion when the B registration on the Upper manual is selected. If this preference is on, Blue3 will play Percussion on all registrations. You can find this in the Settings dialog.

The update also includes the following fixes:

  • Corrected pitch bend intervals.
  • Corrected RA200 horn speeds (slow is fixed at 0.85Hz and fast has wider range).
  • Corrected an esoteric crash if VST2 and VST3 were used in the same project.

The latest version is now available from the GG Audio website in VST/VST3, AU, AAX, NKS and standalone formats. New users can purchase Blue3 for $99 USD ex. taxes where applicable.

More information: GG Audio