Ghost Syndicate has launched Enzyme 2, the sequel to the conceptual Deep Neurofunk/Techstep sample pack.

Ghost Syndicate Enzyme 2

The sound in this pack moves on towards more dry, obscure, and tech-wired aspects of Neurofunk as opposed to the toxic monstrosities of the original Enzyme.

Prepare to experiment with a load of toughened beats & drum shots with crisp and fat top loops ripe for giving your tunes a proper Neuro-roller vibe.

Supplied with a variety of virtuously crafted percussive chops, it’s a no-brainer in creating a tight and punchy groove that’ll hold your audience in a steely clinch for as long as they can breathe.

Also, watch out for those gnarly sewer basses: they might be a bit hard to tame, but once you do – they crush the dancefloor with a burst of unrelenting density.

And, to keep the atmosphere in motion, ENZYME 2 offers a traditionally wide option for unhinged FX loops & shots with foreboding atmo pads to cushion the drop.

Enzyme 2 features

  • 18 Atmo Loops.
  • 48 Bass Loops.
  • 28 Synth Loops.
  • 19 Fx Loops.
  • 27 Drum Loops.
  • 29 Hat & Cymbal Loops.
  • 27 Top Loops.
  • 47 Percussion Loops.
  • 27 Kick Loops.
  • 27 Kick & Snare Loops.
  • 27 Snare Loops.
  • 22 Fxs.
  • 30 Kicks.
  • 38 Snares.
  • 19 Shuffles.
  • 58 Percussion Hits.
  • 54 Hats.

Enzyme 2 is available for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Ghost Syndicate