Ghost Syndicate has launched its latest sample pack Abyss, a collaboration with producer and sonic guide Malk.

The pack offers a thrilling journey through the deepest corners of dubstep, offering an extensive new collection of over 546 ruthless sounds for your next deep dubstep masterpiece.

Ghost Syndicate Abyss

You’re about to immerse yourself into unexplored depths of the sonic ocean, to witness some shockingly bizarre life forms previously heard by no human.

Go for a drift among uptight and edgy percussion sounds made by the bones of dead fish scattered around by the dismal currents of high-pressure sub-bass lines.

Float along the cold streams of wretched FX sounds and wailing synth lines that feel like nothing you’ve known before.

Let your desire for something truly spectacular sweep you across desolate abyssal pads that have never seen a single glimpse of sunlight.

And, finally, if you think you’re brave enough, try not to get your eardrums cut by the sound of these jagged drum loops & one shots with boiling acidi? mid-basses gushing out of them.

The sounds you’re about to hear are still new to science, but our research team has made a couple of things clear: their life is paced at around 140 bpm, and they are certain to inject some bloodlessly dark and cold moods into your upcoming tunes.

Abyss features

  • 546 individual 24 bit WAV samples.
  • 153 drum loops.
  • 90 basses.
  • 88 synths.
  • 57 fxs.
  • 148 one shot drums.
  • ‘Arkham’ Ableton Live Template.
  • ‘Abyss’ Ableton Live Drum Rack.

The sample pack is available for £19.95 GBP.

More information: Ghost Syndicate