Ghosthack has released a cinematic sound pack for the free Vital software synthesizer instrument. A collection of 70 dynamic sound design instrument geared towards film scoring, Cinematic Essentials – Vital Presets includes everything from heavy-hitting title sequences to subtle and immersive moments.

Featuring drones, pads, keys, plucks, pulses, risers, braams and SFX, this pack is full of relevant, in-demand sounds commonly heard in feature films and AAA games. It gives you everything you need to craft riveting soundscapes to bring a scene to life.

From gentle and inviting pads to stirring, tension-building drones. From pulses that ooze intensity to thin pluck sounds that cut right through the mix. The presets in this Vital synth bank are full of the kind of character and depth that we all crave for our cinematic projects.

Since these are synth presets, it’s easy to simply swap out wavetables, filters, effects, etc to quickly arrive at entirely new outcomes. This is a great way to maintain plenty of continuity while introducing new, yet familiar, elements in your productions. And because Vital is a free synth (upgrade options available), these sounds are accessible in any DAW that can load a synth.

The sound pack is on sale for the intro price of 17 EUR for a limited time (regular 29.95 EUR).

More information: Ghosthack