Ghosthack has launched a new sound pack which mixes influences from various forms of industrial, drone, shoegaze, trap, wave and other esoteric music genres.

Raven Witch House features an expansive assortment of looping and one-shot atmospheres, basslines, drums, synths, and effects, alongside 20+ bonus Serum synth presets and 120 MIDI files.

Enter the dark and mysterious underground world of Raven Witch House, an alluring and haunting realm ruled by detuned synths, massive atmospheric elements and throbbing, deep bass. Transcend the ordinary and shed whatever mainstream restraints remain… Through these doors you’ll discover what happens when the occult takes hold and primal desires begin to bubble to the surface once again.

Ghosthack continues its cinematic ambient music series with Ambient Motion Volume 3, delivering 1 GB of premium Ambient one-shots, loops and MIDI files.

Lush synths, driving pulses, rhythmic percussion grooves and deep bass co-mingle with moody drones and ambience to create full and memorable arrangements. Weighing in at 1.03GB, Ambient Motion 3 delivers sonic excellence across 12 total categories of loops and one-shots, giving you quick access to just the right element when you need it. We aim to provide you with a slightly left-of-center palette of sounds in this series, so you can use these sounds in far more genres and applications than just traditional ambient music.

Other recent sample packs include:

The sample packs are available at introductory discounts of up to 75% off the regular price for a limited time.

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