Empty Vessel Sound Design has announced the release of Ghosts for TAL Sampler, a collection of playable, imagined instruments ideal for dark ambient and soundtrack work.

Empty Vessel Ghosts

The sources are very diverse but include some samples from my tired old Austrian upright piano, using a borrowed Rode NTG1 microphone to focus very closely in to capture some out of tune notes, string scrapes and plucks and noises from the wooden case of the piano itself.

Other field recordings, heavily processed, are also used along with some hardware synths and software sources processed through an array of software, cassette, dictaphone, reel to reel and of course, my hardware samplers.

Ghosts features:

  • 52 patches, mainly pads, slowly evolving and full of texture, grit, hiss, life and history. Also includes keys, FX and drones, and a bass patch.
  • Velocity and Modwheel mapped to give as much playability and expression as possible.
  • All samples are carefully mastered to a sensible LUFS level.
  • 24bit/48kHz WAV format for use in any compatible software.

Regularly $15 USD, the pack is on sale at a 30% intro discount priced $10.50 USD until November 7th, 2019.

More information: Empty Vessel