Ghostwave Audio Frozen Lifeforms

Ghostwave Audio has announced the release of Frozen Lifeforms, a soundset for the DUNE software synthesizer by Synapse Audio.

This bank contains 64 patches. It was designed for EDM/ambient/chill/electronica productions and is a great way to give them a soft vintage flavor.

These patches extensively use the modwheel, velocity and aftertouch to make them even more expressive. It is also almost completely compatible with DUNE CM and DUNE LE Beat edition.

Frozen Lifeforms features

  • 64 patches for DUNE / DUNE LE Beat Edition:
    • 9 arps
    • 4 basses
    • 3 keys
    • 5 leads
    • 7 mallets
    • 17 pads
    • 2 plucks
    • 3 sound effects
    • 10 general synths
    • 4 textures

The soundset is available to purchase for 7.90 EUR.

More information: Ghostwave Audio / Frozen Lifeforms