Beat and Tomeso have collaborated to bring a giveaway in which you can win some goodies from Arturia. Participants can join for a chance to win the KeyLab Essential 61 controller keyboard including a huge software package as the main prize.

KeyLab Essential is more than just a compact USB MIDI keyboard. Thanks to the successful integration into the Analog Lab software, which is included as a full version, you get a great hybrid synth that is hardly inferior to real hardware. In addition, there is extensive DAW control, which makes the KeyLab Essential an ideal control centre in the project studio.

The full version of the Analog Lab software is included. Analog Lab virtually recreates numerous legendary instruments from Minimoog to B3 to Synclavier. Over 5,000 presets are available and the most important parameters can be changed.

Three licenses of the Pigments 4 software synthesizer will also be given away.

Arturia‘s flagship had previously left almost nothing to be desired, even though the new filters and effects are, of course, very welcome and Pigments is even more broadly positioned as a result. The improvements in design and workflow make the sound generators much more accessible. In combination with the strongly expanded presets, Pigments is also interesting for all those who enjoy the sound possibilities alone and do not want to tinker with the sounds down to the smallest detail.

The giveaway ends March 31st, 2023.

More information: Plugs & Samples