Devicemeister has recently launched the plugin version of its sequencer powerhouse Stepic, previously available as a Max for Live MIDI effect for use in Ableton Live.

StepicVST is a versatile polyphonic 16-step sequencer. It can store 16 patterns, which each can be extended up to 16 bars for a maximum total sequence length of 4,096 steps!

The plugin can modulate parameters of your software synths & effects and hardware devices with 8 additional and fully integrated modulation sequencers. It features chord play, note probability and note repeat, and lots randomization options.

By assigning different tempos and sequence lengths to the modulation sequencers, StepicVST lets you create deep, polyrhythmic parameter progressions that add a lot of movement and uniqueness to your sound. And if that’s not enough, start bringing the 200+ random generators into play ;-)

Available in VST3 and AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS, StepicVST is priced 39 EUR.

You have the chance to win one of two copies of the plugin by leaving a comment below before Wednesday March 23rd, 11.59pm, 2022. The winners will be chosen at random from all submitted entries (one entry per person).

Good luck, and check out the Devicemeister website for more details on StepicVST.