The Fortamento music idea generator app for iOS has been updated to version 1.4, featuring the ability to lock chords or melodies.

Fortamento update

Get instant musical ideas at a push of a button with Fortamento – a simple and effective music idea creator, capable of generating 4 bars of chord progression and melody, with the option to edit the idea and save the result.

To make life easier, there’s an option to export the tunes as MIDI files for further work in your favorite Digital Audio Workstation software or MIDI sequencer.

Version 1.4 lets you lock chords or melody, allowing you to browse through different chord progressions for an existing melody, come up with a melody (or multiple melodies) for a given chord progression, and use Fortamento as a chord generator. The update also includes minor algorithm improvements.

Fortamento is available from the App Store for $4.99 USD.


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