Igor Vasiliev has announced the release of SynthScaper LE, a multi-timbral atmospheric soundscape generation app for iOS.

With the special lightweight version of SynthScaper LE you can easily create and modify your own multi-timbral pads and atmospheric soundscapes.

Three separate sound generators in this application give you possibility to create complex sound scenes by mixing and moving them in a common sound space using a spatial mixer. No need to construct a new sound from the beginning. Just use the built-in library of unique and high-quality presets for sound generators.

SynthScaper LE

SynthScaper LE features

  • Three sound generators each work as individual synth with its own preset.
  • The scene combines all generators and mixer to create complex sounds.
  • Spatial mixer simulates the common sound space for generators.
  • The ability to easily tune the key parameters of sound generators.
  • Multifunctional sequencer / arpeggiator for each generator.
  • Screen keyboard designed for continuous variations with sound.
  • Assign MIDI controls to parameters of generators and mixer.
  • Completely compatible with advanced version of SynthScaper.
  • Import scenes with samples from advanced SynthScaper.
  • Support Audio unit (AUv3), Inter-app audio, Audiobus and Ableton Link.
  • Auto detect and assign controls of MIDI keyboards (only specific models).

SynthScaper LE is available for purchase for $4.99 USD.

We’re giving away some free copies of the app. If you’re interested just leave a comment below and the lucky winners will be picked randomly from all entries.

More information: SynthScaper LE