Amazing Noises has updated the GliderVerb reverb app for iOS to version 1.8.

Amazing Noises Gliderverb

GliderVerb is a “Reverberator with Glissandos” simulating a room gradually changing its shape. It is an expanded version of an algorithm created by James McCartney for his Supercollider 2 programming language.

The original algorithm had no user-variable parameters: this device adds a series of parameters to create a wide palette of effects; from evolving reverberations to granular disintegration to smooth resonances.

Changes in GliderVerb v1.8

  • Audiobus 3 New MIDI Receiver Port.
  • New Sampling Rate Setting (up to 96 kHz).
  • Input Gain and Dry/Wet removed zip noise.
  • New Quick View for the Presets Manager, simplify the Presets navigation while playing the Keyboard.
  • New implementation for LFO which improve performance when you put app in background or switch app etc…
  • Midibus 1.39 SDK.
  • Audiobus 3.0.3 SDK.
  • Ableton LINK 2.1.2 SDK.
  • Removed MIDI Clock Receiving.
  • Disable Auto-Lock Screen.
  • iPhone X compatibility.

GliderVerb is available as a free download. Note that the free version no longer has the “annoying voice” and you can use all the Gliderverb features, even the Pad and the Ribbon.

In-App purchases are available to get access to the Preset Manager, Control Manager and MIDI enable the Pad.

More information: Amazing Noises / GliderVerb