Glitchedtones has introduced a new Deal of the Week promotion, in which one premium sound pack from its industry standard product range is discounted to £1 GBP for 1 week only.

This week’s offer is Glitches, a collection of 500 error sounds for use as communications interference, future computer malfunctions, data processing, Sci-Fi weapon elements, degraded circuits, out of control droids and any scenario which calls for the sound of equipment failure.

Sourced from analogue feedback loops, electromagnetic field recordings, databent computer files and abstract tonal textures then processed with granular synthesis techniques, you’ll find all the hums, buzzes, crackles, static and noise needed to construct a convincing Glitched-out soundscape.

Regularly £18 GBP, Glitches is on sale for just £1 GBP until March 20th, 2022.

More information: Glitchedtones