Glitchedtones has announced its new Deal of the Week, offering the Granular Textures sample pack at a 90% discount for the next few days.

Granular Textures is a collection of Foley sounds, instrumentals and lo-fi recordings which were fed into granular processors to deliver a set of unique and versatile atmospheres which bear little resemblance to their original source. Instruments such as guitar, piano, kalimba and zither have been exploited, dissected, stretched, resampled and mangled beyond all recognition and served up as inspiring grainscapes which will find their home in a variety of productions.

Whether your project calls for gritty, industrial and dystopian soundscapes, surreal, science fiction elements, twisted signals and transmissions, horror soundbeds, deep drones or experimental noise pieces, Granular Textures is a versatile collection which will serve as a great sonic asset, whatever field of multimedia you work in.

On sale for only £1 GBP instead of £10 GBP, the sample pack includes 40 samples. The offer is valid until May 29th, 2022.

More information: Glitchedtones