Glitchedtones has announced the release of Beatmaker Chord Resource, an extensive collection of chords for Cthulhu to bring you a fresh load of inspiration for your productions.

The pack includes 144 Cthulhu presets and 384 bounced presets for producers who prefers straight MIDI to work with.

Drawing on our extensive music theory knowledge, we’ve taken out the hassle of figuring out key relationships and finding chords which flow nicely together.

Whether you have no music theory knowledge at all or are a seasoned pro, this collection is an invaluable kit for those moments when you simply need a quick burst of creativity.

Simply mix and match from the multitude of available chords to find the right vibe for your beats!

Beatmaker Chord Resource features

  • 144 Cthulhu Presets
    • 12 Open Triads.
    • 12 Closed Triads.
    • 12 Open 7ths.
    • 12 Closed 7ths.
    • 12 Extended (add 9, 9ths, 11ths, 13ths).
    • 12 Suspended (triads, 7ths).
    • 12 Harmonic Minor 7ths.
    • 12 Melodic Minor 7ths.
    • 24 Major Chord Progressions (12 chords per key).
    • 24 Minor Chord Progressions (12 chords per key).
  • 384 MIDI.

Beatmaker Chord Resource is available for purchase for $24 USD.

More information: ADSR Sounds