Glitchedtones has announced the release of its latest Kontakt sample library Whale Bone Percussion, a collaboration with Hidden Sound featuring unique percussion sounds created from recordings of whale vertebrae.

The library contains 10 kits for Kontakt and 256 original WAV files are included for use in any other compatible software/hardware.

We played a whale vertebrae found washed up on a remote beach in Iceland with drum sticks and mallets, sampled it using high quality contact microphones and loaded the recordings into Kontakt to bring you this truly unique percussion collection which will inspire your rhythm tracks whether you work in electronic music, film scoring or game audio.

Featuring 4 main kits of raw, unprocessed hits and 6 custom kits showing off what is possible with some processing, Whale Bone Percussion enables the building of full rhythm tracks or the creation of background enhancements for your existing beats with ease, no matter what genre you are working in.

Whale Bone Percussion for Kontakt 6.5.3 or higher (full version) is priced £14 GBP.

Additionally, Glitchedtones is offering a 50% discount on all other products for a limited time, including Serum & Cthulhu presets, MIDI and sample packs, sound effects, field recordings & foley, Kontakt libraries, and more.

More information: Glitchedtones