Goldbaby Productions Vinyl Drum Machines

Goldbaby Productions has released Vinyl Drum Machines, a collection of samples of drum machine sounds recorded on vinyl.

Sampling off vinyl has been a staple of many producers since samplers were invented. Vinyl has an unmistakable sound. Using it as a sample source you get material that is dripping with personality and warmth, that digital sources just can’t recreate.

I have always wanted a record with just drum machine samples on it. Finally I did something about it.

Vinyl Drum Machines features

  • 14 drum machines all pressed onto vinyl at Dub Studio.
  • Played by 3 turntables (audiophile, vintage and portable).
  • 1468 x 24 bit samples.
  • Including bunus content: Vinyl Noise, Vinyl Clicks, Vinyl Hitz and center grooves.

A PDF with more details on the drum machines, turntables and other gear used is available from the Goldbaby website.

Vinyl Drum Machines is currently available for GURU ($34 USD) and as a Wav Pack ($29 USD) with Battery 3 and ReFill coming soon.

Visit Goldbaby Productions for more information and some audio demos.