Goldbaby Productions Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1

Goldbaby Productions has released Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1, a sample pack featuring 8 vintage drum machines.

From the product page:

The first electronic drum machines were analog preset machines. They were designed to be electronic drummers… They almost never sounded realistic but this has made them very appealling to electronicmusicians! Analog AutoRhythyms Vol 1 is a collection of 8 of these vintage drum machines. An ecletic mix of rare,bizarreand famous instruments…

Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1 features

  • 8 drum machines used:
    1. Korg – KR 55B
    2. Roland – TR 330
    3. Conn – Rhapsody Rhythm Unit
    4. Electro Harmonix – DRM 15 / 16 / 32
    5. Eko – Ritmo 12
    6. Univox – Micro Rhythmer
    7. Hohner – Rhythm 80K
    8. Olson – X100
  • Multiple samples of each drum sound give this product the ability to sound more “analog” than just one sample per drum (This can be achieved by using round robin layering).
  • Includes a selection of the original beats in Rex format.

Analog AutoRhythms Vol 1 is available a download for Guru ($24 USD) and as a Wav & Rex Pack ($19 USD).

Visit Goldbaby Productions for more information and audio demos.