Goldbaby has announced the release of its latest sample pack EPROM Grind, a collection of gritty, punchy drums and dirty synths and FX.

Created using an 8-Bit sampler that can burn EPROMs (Oberheim Prommer) and the DMX and DX drum machines to playback the EPROMs. Recorded through lovely high-end gear. This was an incredibly time-consuming process, very much a labour of love. It has been totally worth it, though! This pack is absolutely dripping with old-school character.

Drum machines sampled: 808, 909, 707, Mbase, PO32, Cycles, ER-1 and more. Also given the 8-Bit Prommer treatment were various synths, modular synth sounds, custom vinyl drums & synths, acoustic drums and percussion, and even a snare create using layered firework sounds.

Included are the samples from the old CustomDMX pack. Many of them have been remastered and tuned! These include all the stock sounds from the DMX.

Containing a total of 2,841 samples and various kits and instruments for Maschine, Ableton Live, Logic Pro Sampler, Geist, Kontakt and Battery, the sample pack is available for $39 USD. Owners of the CustomDMX pack are entitled to a 60% discount.

More information: Goldbaby