Goldbaby iAm-MS20

Goldbaby Productions has released iAm-MS20, a sample library for Kontakt and EXS24 featuring the sounds of the Korg MS20.

Legendary vintage analog synth the MS20 is a very special instrument. With loads of character and quirky controls, it has become a very sought after synth for its raw upfront sound and incredibly creative options for editing…

After finally finding a great example of this synth… it was put through it’s paces and recorded via various tasty bits of studio hardware… things like the UBK Fatso, Otari 1/4 inch tape machine, Great River Harrison EQ32 (eq), A-Design EM-PEQ (eq), Boss Dimension C, E-MU E4XT, Mutronics Mutator…

A great deal of time and experimentation went into the development of this product.

The result… fantastic sampled instruments with the raw power and unique character that the MS20 is renowned for..

iAm-MS20 features

  • 140 patches for Kontakt (8 folders) and EXS24 (7 folders).
  • 1129 24 bit wav samples.
  • Every sound has passed through various analog hardware units to give you that super sweet analog tone.

iAm-MS20 is available to purchase for $49 USD.

Goldbaby has also released a free sample pack: iAmDrum-MS20-free.

The Korg MS20 has the ability to process external audio. It can also convert audio to CV and trigger signals! So this is the basis of my latest freebie. Various drums with MS20 love… includes some glitch stuff.

More information: Goldbaby Productions