Goldbaby has announced the release of a new sample pack featuring a collection of 144 layered drum machine claps.

Many hands are better than one! I have always found layering drums worthwhile and handclaps are no exception. Layering can add depth and character and make them more interesting. Using 30 drum machines layered in different combos from two to six devices. Each clap also has a stereo and mono version.

These claps are production-ready and will work in lots of different genres. Drum Machines used: 808, 909, 707, 626, Claptrap, R50e, MFB-522, LXR-2, MachineDrum, Nord Drum 2, Model Cycles, DRM-15, PO-32, Microtonic, Metasonix D1, DSI Tempest, MRX-185, PB-300, 4 In The Floor Perc Combo, Conn Rhapsody, XD5, Tom, Tek, RZ-1, RPM40, Kastle Drum, RX5, DrumBrute Impact, DDD-5, Tanzbar.

The sample pack is priced $9 USD.

More information: Goldbaby