Goldbaby has launched a new sample pack featuring a collection of Layered Drum Machine Snares.

I love layering snares! It’s a great way of adding depth and character and giving a more unique flavour to them. I have used 30 drum machines in different combos and multiplelayering techniques. These snares are production-ready and will work in lots of different genres.

Drum Machines used: Pulsar-23, Korg 55B, MFB-522, TR-707, TR-808, TR-909, CR-78, TR505, MicroTonic, LinnDrum, Double Drummer, LXR-02, Uno, NordDrum2, Tanzbär, Heartbeat, MR-10, PO-12, KPR-77, PB-300, Axon2, DRM-1, ER-1, R-70, R-100, Olsen, XD-5, Kastle Drum, Ritmo, RX5

Priced $9 USD, the pack includes a total of 296 samples in Wav format (16- and 24-bit), grouped in similar-sounding groups.

More information: Goldbaby