Goldbaby MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution

Goldbaby has announced the release of MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution, a sample pack featuring the sounds of the Casio MT40 keyboard.

The Casio MT40 looks like a typical 80s home keyboard, however it has a remarkable history. It was used to create a song called Under Mi Sleng Teng… which kicked off the digital Dancehall revolution. The rock drum preset and bass accompaniment are unmistakable and have been used numerous times since.

The MT40 drums are lofi but surprisingly punchy. The Bass is warm and fuzzy and very distinctive. The keyboard instruments are based on 2 mixed variable pulse square waves, with digital envelopes and a low pass filter.

I have given this famous little keyboard the Goldbaby treatment. Using a studio full of tasty analog hardware to sample all the drum sounds as single drum hits and loops ( Rex, Apple and Wav). I have also sampled the bass sound with 4 different signal chains and lastly I multi-sampled 16 of the keyboard tones.

This sample pack pays homage to a very unexpectedly influential instrument. I had a fantastic time creating it and think it sounds great!

With kits and instruments for Geist, Battery, Reason, Logic EXS24, Kontakt and Maschine.

The sample pack is available for purchase for $9 USD.

More information: Goldbaby Productions / MT40 Digital Dancehall Revolution