Goldbaby Productions has announced the release of its Thermionic Solid State Drums sample library.

Goldbaby Thermionic Solid State Drums

Drums and FX created using a lovely collection of 11 old and new analog drum machines and 6 synths. All recorded through a 1073 pre, then a Fat Bustard II valve mixer and various other high end studio gear.

Lots of the sounds have multiple samples for velocity mapping. Most of the kicks and congas are tuned. Also included are a bunch of analog sourced layering tools which are incredibly useful for beefing up kicks, adding sizzle to snares or transient clicks to kicks…

Thermionic Solid State Drums features

  • Drum machines used: CR8000 (Modded), Tempest, Tanzbar, DRM1 mkIII, M.Brane, Volca Beats, Mrs Bass Drum, Andromeda Space Rockers, Clap Trap, Thunderclap, Space Drum, D1000 (Valve drum machine).
  • Synths used: Prophet 12, PERfourMER, Leipzig-S, Analog Four, MS20, SH101.
  • 5070 wav samples (24-bit).
  • 38 bonus Rex loops.
  • Support for Maschine, Geist, Battery 3, EXS-24, Reason Refill.

The sample library is available for purchase for $49 USD.

Goldbaby has also released ValveDR220e, a free drums sample pack.

contains 44 x 24 bit wav drums. Created using a vintage 80s drum machine through valve gear.

More information: Goldbaby / Thermionic Solid State Drums