CAPSUN ProAudio is back with another sample pack featuring an innovative blend of custom crafted drum samples, crackling vinyl keys and lo-fi vocals, cosy acoustic guitars and a goldmine of percussive FX and rhythmic captures.

In Golden Beats & Chill Hop, ethereal melodics collide with bedroom beats to create a stunning collection of soulful and experimental samples for Hip-Hop, Organic Trap, Future Beats and beyond.

We had to come heavyweight with the Drums. We’ve crafted over 130 one shots using synthesis, lots of foley, live recording, classic sampler saturation and our special secret sauce. Thud kicks, snare snaps, vintage break style hats, exotic foley percussion, kick layers designed from foley impacts and stacked claps. Plus a solid set of 100 programmed drum loops including Full Beats, Percussion Layers and multiple split layers for versatility. All drum loops are also included as Bonus Rex2 loops ready for you to chop and experiment!

With over 1.35GB of emotive content Golden Beats & Chill Hop takes in the essential sounds of Golden Era melodics dripping in hiss, saturation and classic character and combines them with modern left-field sound design including thick Trap 808 bass glides, reversed re-sampled synths and robotic tuned vocals. Discover a deep well of musical loops including evolving arpeggios, dusty rhodes and pianos, subtle synths and leads, side chained pads and a giant stack of melodic one shots. Plus atmospheric, percussive and textured FX hits and loops, risers, downers, drones, noise and impacts!

Every loop has been meticulously Key Tagged and tempo-synced at 85bpm or 120bpm.

Designed to perfectly inspire and compliment Future Beats, Chill Hop, Organic Trap, Golden Era Hip-Hop, Downtempo and Experimental Electronica.

The sample pack is available from Loopmasters for £29.95 GBP.

More information: CAPSUN ProAudio