Goodhertz has announced the release of Midside, a stereo imaging effect plug-in for Mac.

Though there are a lot of mid/side plugins on the market, all of them have failed to strike a perfect balance between simplicity and power. So we built our own: Midside.

After years of research on spatial audio and psychoacoustics — as well hundreds of hours in the mastering room — Goodhertz has designed Midside to strike that elusive balance: a plugin powerful enough to be used on any stereo source; a plugin that gets to the point quickly, but doesn’t skimp on the details; a plugin that accomplishes with just a handful of controls what other M/S plugins fail to accomplish to in 50+.

The elegance of hardware inspired Midside’s interface, the precision of software inspired its algorithms, and the power of stereo manipulation brought it to life. Easy-to-use. Beautiful-to-hear. One-of-a-kind.

Midside for Mac (AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $79 USD.

More information: Goodhertz / Midside