Goodhertz has released Panpot, a stereo panning effect plug-in plugin for Mac.

Panpot brings together four different modes of panning in a single plugin that will transform the way you think about stereo.

Panpot types

  • Level — a refined version of the classic level pan, Panpot’s Level panning offers automatability and includes several pan law options.
  • Delay — the Delay panning module creates a strong sense of sidedness without altering the stereo level balance. By using small time delays that closely model human hearing delays (at 1x), the Delay pan produces immersive stereo images with depth and width.
  • Spectral — Panpot’s Spectral panning works by changing the timbre of the stereo image, focusing higher frequency sounds toward the pan direction. The Spectral algorithm mimics the type of head shadowing that occurs in nature and can sound hard-panned without feeling ungrounded or off-kilter in the low end.
  • Phase — The most unusual panning type: Panpot’s Phase module creates a constant phase shift between the left and right channels. Similar to Delay panning, Phase panning does not alter the stereo level balance but instead alters the arrival times of the left/right channels. Phase panning can help move elements out of the center of a mix, decluttering the mono image and creating a more expansive sound field.

Panpot for Mac (AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Goodhertz / Panpot