Goodhertz has released Tiltshift, a new type of tilt EQ that does more with less.

More than any other equalizer, Tiltshift is able to dramatically alter the tone and timbre of your audio — going from mellow warmth to crystal clear with a single, loudness-matched slider — while sticking to the first rule of mastering: do no harm.

By using extremely gentle slopes (often less than 1 dB per octave), the relative phase, frequency, and transient response of the audio is preserved, making it faster and easier to find the right global EQ curve before focusing on specifics, and Tiltshift’s perceptual loudness lock technology makes it easier to compare EQ settings, or automate the tilt, without worrying about gain changes.

Tiltshift features

  • Advanced tilt algorithm.
  • Variable tilt frequency range.
  • “Perceptual loudness lock” for automatically matched loudness.
  • Completely automatable.
  • CPU-friendly.
  • Independent high/low cut filters.
  • Variable filter slope (from 6 to 48 dB/Oct & anything in-between).
  • Independently controlled resonance.
  • “Listen” function to audition what is being filtered out.
  • Fully sweepable.

Tiltshift for Mac (AU/AAX) is available for purchase for $49 USD.

More information: Goodhertz / Tiltshift