Goodhertz has announced the release of Wow Control, a wow & flutter effect plugin for Windows and Mac.

The plugin offers the weird and wild modulations of analog tape and other less-than-perfect analog playback devices.

In developing Wow Control, we set out to accurately capture the essence of three tape machines spanning three decades: every noise, every wobble, & every harmonic. The plugin that has resulted is the most comprehensive analog tape model we’ve ever heard.

Wow Control expands and improves upon the wow & flutter section from the classic Vulf Compressor — bringing more expressive shape controls, beat-syncing, and an extensive randomization section — available in the expanded Advanced controls — for creating complex and unpredictable modulation effects.

At its extreme settings, it will bend and distort anything that it touches. Used gently, however, it can breathe a little life or movement into individual mix elements or bring color and richness to an entire master. Case in point: Wow Control was used on almost every master of Vulfpeck’s upcoming album: The Beautiful Game.

You can keep your trusty 424 around if you want, but you no longer need to if you own a copy of Wow Control.

Wow Control features

  • Extremely high quality wow & flutter (+ HQ Mode for even better performance).
  • Massive pitch range with expressive shape controls.
  • Controllable speeds, beat-syncing, phase, & stereo phase.
  • Analog tape section with three modes: 15 IPS, 7.5 IPS, Cassette.
  • Advanced, meticulously-modeled magnetic tape coloration & saturation.
  • Random section for more complex, nonuniform modulations (Advanced).

Wow Control is available for Mac (AU/AAX), priced at $129 USD.

More information: Goodhertz / Wow Control