GoranGrooves Library has released a collection of 15 sampled drum and percussion virtual instrument plugins for Windows and Mac.

The Handy Drums virtual drumsets come in various flavors and sound characteristics. From dry to ambient, they are suitable for a broad spectrum of music styles from Jazz to Rock.

With stunning drum sound, mix-ready right out of the box, Handy Drums are the most practical, professional virtual drum instruments for your recording project.

The plugins are equipped with a clean, simple, intuitive GUI offering essential functionalities such as volume control of individual components, drum mapping, routing, audition buttons, MIDI and driver settings, and a CC4 curve editor for e-drummers.

Spend the time creating music instead of trying to make a usable drum sound. Achieving a great drum sound takes a significant amount of time, even when you are highly skilled for the task and have a quality drum recording to begin with. We invested hours upon hours painstakingly editing and carefully mixing drums from multitrack recordings, so you don’t have to. With just the right blend of close mics, overheads, and room mics, expertly sculpted for a robust, punchy, natural-sounding drum set, it will sit right into your mix!

Handy Drums features

  • Practical, intuitive, easy-to-use interface.
  • Multiple dynamic levels (up to 10x).
  • Round Robin with up to 12 samples per dynamic level for a natural-sounding performance.
  • Immaculately-sampled acoustic drums, 24bit depth for the ultimate resolution and sound quality.
  • Tweak and automate individual drum components to suit your mix.
  • Adjustable drum mapping, easily match the mapping of Handy Drums to any custom midi drum loop.
  • Multiple outputs, route to 8 stereo subgroups and independently process them.
  • Variable hi-hats, utilizing the full range of sampled hats from tightly closed to closed, 25% open, 50% open, 75% open, and 100% open, for both tip and edge sounds.
  • Adjustable CC4 curve for e-drummers.
  • Bonus percussion, including handclaps, tambourine, cowbell, shaker, and triangle.
  • Audition buttons to quickly preview the sounds of the drumset.
  • Resizable GUI to suit your computer monitor best.
  • Suitable for drum replacement.

Available in VST/VST3 and AU plugins formats as as standalone software for Windows and macOS, the Handy Drums instruments are available at prices ranging from $20 USD to $49 USD per plugin. The Producer Collection comprising all 15 plugins is $249 USD.

Additionally, a collection of 10 MIDI drum loop packs covering a variety of music styles is available as well. The MIDI packs are $20 USD each.

More information: GoranGrooves Library