ADSR Sounds has launched a sale on Gospel Musician’s MKSensation Xtreme, a virtual instrument brings the sounds of one of the most revered electric and digital piano modules ever made, Roland MKS-20.

“MKSensation Xtreme” is a live gigging module with all of the bread and butter sounds any urban musician could ever need, with an emphasis on the nostalgic MKS-20 piano module sounds.

With a live gigging mode, the ability to layer sounds, a dedicated split key mode, and a ton of high quality sounds, this will be the only module you’ll ever need. It’s like having 20 modules full of nothing but the most used bread and butter sounds at your disposal!

MKSensation Xtreme + Expansion features

  • 51 GB HQ Sound Library.
  • 85 High Quality Stacked Presets.
  • 362 Individual Sounds.
  • Layer and Stack Up to 8-Sounds.
  • Mix in your own plugins and effects.
  • Dedicated Graphical Split Mode.
  • Runs in Standalone.
  • Supported Plugin Formats: Audio Units, VST, AAX, Standalone.

Regularly $199 USD, MKSensation Xtreme is on sale for just $99 USD July 6th, 2022.

More information: ADSR Sounds