Gospel Musicians has launched Neo-Soul Keys Studio for iPad, a complete replica of the desktop version with all of the features, effects, presets, and pianos included.

Gospel Musicians Neo-Soul Keys Studio iPad

Neo-Soul Keys® Studio is the #1 electric piano application for iOS. These are some of the most realistic, organic, and warm sounding electric pianos ever created. We pride ourselves on the intangibles. By intangibles, we mean: grit, dirt, release, bark, mechanics, bumps, clanks, and all of the electromechanical goodness that makes up an electro mechanical piano. Without such great detail, your electric piano can be very sterile, lifeless, and without character. Alternatively, don’t be mistaken–Our EPs can sound as clean and clear as a whistle, but you are always welcome to dial in as much dirt as you want.

When you first play our electric pianos, you will immediately hear a very distinct difference from any other electric piano you’ve played. Terms like warmth, vintage, phat, weighty, and vibey are many of the words often used when describing the sound of Neo-Soul Keys®. When you first play this thing in the studio or live, you will hear your speakers fill the room with a very reminiscent vintage and old school sound of the ’70s. All of this is because we didn’t just sample the DI of our pianos. We used the same vintage and boutique equipment the top studios use, to create the COMPLETE electric piano sound and experience.

New in Neo-Soul Keys Studio

  • New Clav.
  • 5 New Suitcases.
  • New Mark I Stage.
  • New Mark II Stage.
  • New Mark V Stage.
  • New RARE Wurli 300 (This Model was only available in Germany and came in a wooden cabinet). It was based upon the 200, but with added speaker and the same amp as the 206.
  • All EX5 EP Factory presets.
  • 26 New Mechanical FX.

Neo-Soul Keys Studio for iPad and AUv3 is available for $19.99 USD.

Presets are 100% compatible with the desktop version, and full functionality of the popular desktop grade Vintage Keyboard FX Suite by Overloud is built into the library as well.

More information: Gospel Musicians / Neo-Soul Keys Studio