Gospel Musicians has announced the release of Neo-Soul Keys Version 4.0 for UVI Workstation, a major update to the electric piano library featuring a brand new re-write and a major architectural update.

Along with the reduction of RAM, and CPU, the samples have been optimized to reduce redundancy along with using FLAC lossless compression to reduce file size.

The new version 4.0 boasts over 50 new electric piano sounds, 125 new presets, and a new sophisticated color modulator that allows for 24 different timbre variations per piano, which equates to virtually over 1,200 different piano sounds.

Not only that, but each timbre can change per velocity, so every time you hit a different velocity, the tone will change–adding more expression to an already 12-velocity electric piano sound.

Neo-Soul Keys Version 4.0 for UVI features

  • 50 New Electric Piano Sounds.
  • 125 New Custom Presets.
  • 1,200 Possible Electric Piano Tones.
  • 3 New Suitcase Samples.
  • New Wurlie Samples.
  • New EP Maker Piano with over 40 new pianos.
  • New Color Mod Synthesis for timbre modulation per velocity for adding instant expression.
  • FLAC HQ Lossless compression (19GB Compressed to 2.57GB).
  • Significantly lower CPU usage.
  • New Structure for lower RAM.
  • Ability to purge mechanical FX from RAM.
  • New Hammer FX.
  • Added Three New Spring Reverbs.
  • Added LFO Smoothing for very detailed vibrato and tremolo.
  • New AMP and Gain dB Section:
  • New Amp Edit Panel:
    • Per Layer FX dB Boost.
    • Per Layer FX Velocity Curve.
    • Per Layer FX Velocity Amount.
    • Per Layer FX Velocity Sensitivity.
  • ADSR Envelope for Sustain Layer.
  • Overall optimization of samples.
  • New Dark and High Tines for Suitcase, EX5, and Dyno.
  • New Animated LED for Vibrato/Tremolo.
  • 125 New Custom Presets.

Neo-Soul Keys 4.0 is available for the introductory price of $99.99 USD until July 1st, 2015 (regular $199.99 USD). During this introduction period, an upgrade is available for $49.99 USD for current owners of Neo-Soul Keys 5X UVI, Neo-Soul Keys 3X Kontakt, Neo-Soul Keys Reason, Neo-Soul Keys Motif, and Jamal’s Motif Flash.

More information: Gospel Musicians