GotchaNoddin Crude Claps has released Crude Claps, the first in its new $1 High Definition drum sample series.

Get vulgar, get backward, get crass using crude clap drum samples in high definition format. Value at a great price, this clap drum kit will help polish a clumsy beat, drum loop or music production and add raw claps to the mix. Layer this sound kit with your main drums, mix it low, put it in the pocket of your beat or use it for unusual raunchiness.

If you’re a music producer trying to find the right sounds, these clap sounds will get you started and quick. Anytime you need filthy claps to grimy up your beat just load up crude clap drum sounds.

Crude Claps features

  • 16 high definition mastered sounds in 32, 24, 16bit and 44.1kHz format.
  • Use these clap drum samples for seasoning and unique sound design on Hip Hop, RnB, Reggaeton, Dance or any style track.
  • Pre-programmed with 1 program file to load with the Akai MPC 500, Akai MPC 1000, Akai MPC 2000/XL (1 Floppy Disks), Akai MPC 2500, Akai MPC 3000 (1 Floppy Disks), Akai MPC 4000, Akai MPC 5000, Roland MV 8000, Roland MV 8800, Reason Refills, Korg Triton (1 Floppy Disks) and can be imported into the Roland Fantom Series Keyboards and the Roland MC-909 (with additional RAM installed).
  • When choosing the Wav Samples format, the patch files to Native Instruments Battery, Kontakt, Apple Logic EXS 24 .exs, Steinberg Halion are included.

Crude Claps is available to download for $1 USD.

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