Time+Space has announced the release of Dronar Metal and Glass, a new Kontakt instrument featuring sounds that were all derived from bowing and hitting metal and glass objects.

Following up on the last month’s Dronar Brass, this is the eighth Dronar module, recorded and processed by sound designer extraordinaire Alessandro Camnasio.

DRONAR Metal and Glass Main

Broken cymbals, Tibetan bowls, marbles, bottles, chains, magnets, wind chimes, nails and more were “played” with a cello bow, hit with sticks, mallets or played against each other to form the raw audio for this collection. The sounds were then processed with granular synthesis, time-stretching, convolution, resonant filters, pitch-shifters and many other effects, such as delays, flangers, phasers, distortion, reverbs.

The result is an incredible collection of sounds that can be played in the award winning DRONAR engine to create hypnotic, evolving atmospheres, isolating, eerie textures and shimmering, ambient pads.

Easily craft disquieting, anxiety-inducing audio for your latest thriller, sci-fi or horror production or forge interesting textures for your cinematic orchestral music or ambient tracks. Either way, your audio will enter unexplored territories that can’t fail to impinge on your listeners’ emotions.

Priced $67 USD, Dronar Metal and Glass is available from Pulse Audio.