GPU Audio has announced release of an update to its Early Access program, bringing various improvements to the FIR Convolution Reverb effect plugin.

The update also adds two IR packs: Farina Binaural and Teufelsberg NSA Tower IRs, and Binaural and Stereo Impulse Responses from the Sonic Palimpsest Open Source Library. Check the video demonstration to see how to install the impulse responses.

GPU Audio is the world’s first and only GPU-based audio processing technology. By offloading DSP onto a computer’s local or remote GPU, it dramatically increases performance by allowing real-time parallel audio processing — making complex audio processing a breeze

Changes in Early Access v0.9.7.0

  • Updated installer which checks for the minimum driver version.
  • Correctly responds when no CUDA capable GPU is detected.
  • Added three cc versions 6.0 7.0 8.0 for more exotic hardware.
  • Added a brand new impulse response pack to the early access site with some immersive binaural IRs.
  • Studio one users may experience cpu spikes when returning data from the GPU. The fix works within EAP buffer settings 96 samples, 256 block as a starting point.
  • Looping a track may or may not hiccup when the reverb tail is present this will be fixed in late May.
  • Plug-ins not found in some DAWs. Some report that reinstalling after driver updates fixes this.
  • C++ runtime error or crash in DAW. This is likely a driver issue, please update your NVIDIA drivers first and retry.

The early-access FIR Convolution Reverb plugin powered by GPU is available as a free download for Windows (VST3) and selected NVIDIA GPUs.

More information: GPU Audio