Flintpope has announced the return of some free sound packs for Ableton Live, including re-released and updated titles as well as some new material.

I hope you are keeping well! Need some free musical inspiration in lockdown? I’ve tried to take my mind off things by looking through my Ableton back-catalogue and updating them for re-release. I hope you like them.

The following packs are now available:

  • Analogika – 30 vibrant presets for Ableton’s Analog synthesizer.
  • Sounds from THE TUNNEL – 27 Simpler racks of sounds from a harpsichord string along a beam of wood, recorded inside a tunnel.
  • Tangled Analog – Animating Analog by pairing it up with either Tension or Simpler in 8 evolving presets.
  • Wavetable Pads – 8 interesting sounds for Ableton 10’s Wavetable synth.
  • Dronepads – 8 Simplers loaded with some fruity tooty drones that actually sound nice.
  • Spotfield – A free box of dots for making ambient sounds in Ableton.
  • Simpler Synth – 8 synths created from simple waveforms in Simpler.

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More information: Flintpope