Christmas has come early… From 10am on Christmas Eve December 24th, Time+Space is giving every visitor to its website a SoundSense Ambiosis sound library by Zero-G and Xfonic absolutely 100% FREE!

The amazing library of atmospheres and soundscapes from The SoundSense Series has a RRP of £42 GBP.

Highly acclaimed electronic musician and samplist Ian Boddy brings you a fantastic array of atmospherics and soundscapes at a bargain price. These sounds can be used in virtually any music style where a little dash of sonic spice is needed.

Ambiosis is particularly useful for ambient, dance, film soundtrack and trance composers where the sounds can often provide the creative impetus for a new track or to add the finishing touches to an existing composition.

Ambiosis serves as a fine electronic music resource for producers who need to apply texture, mood, and ambience across a wide variety of genres. Categories include:

  • Analogue
  • Atmospheres
  • Dark
  • Light
  • Spacey
  • Vintage
  • and Weird

After visiting the Time+Space website on Monday, you have 72 hours to claim your gift.