ModeAudio has launched a new sample pack featuring a collection of guitar textures samples.

Ranging in length from 28 seconds to one and a half minute, Gradient includes 100 royalty free samples all itching to be mixed into epic, cinematic compositions that sing to your soul.

Feel waves of serenity wash over your body as you float up into the ether, carried by a jet stream of rising warmth in the wake of our latest deeply Ambient sample pack release, Gradient – Guitar Texture Samples!

Drawing together some of our favourite sound types into one epic, 1.38GB set, dive into the riches this pack has to offer and find your ears bathing in dense, evolving textures and exciting, experimental FX processing, with our signature inventive use of classic instrumentation at the collection’s very core.

Priced £20 GBP, the pack includes 60 ambiences, 20 bass sounds and 20 textures.

More information: ModeAudio