Granny’s Audio has released version 2 of SampleBox, an audio sampler application for Windows and Mac.

Granny's Audio SampleBox 2

The GUI and DSP has been completely redesigned, as SampleBox 2 introduces a new graphic interface, and new features including Launchpad & MIDI Key mapping and Loop Syncing.

Although the mapping in not yet editable, it can be offset to trigger different samples.

Changes in SampleBox 2

  • Dynamic creation of sample players, create up to 120 players.
  • Launchpad ready.
  • 4 stereo outputs, with VST support and 3 band equalizer.
  • Load samples from folder. No need to load samples one by one.
  • Drop them on any player to load them.
  • Metronome feature and a new synchronized loop function, to give some automated base to live beats.

SampleBox 2 is available for purchase for 14.99 EUR.

More information: Granny’s Audio / SampleBox